What it’s about

The year is 2139. The last bitcoin is two weeks from being mined. For months, a clock has ticked down in Satoshi Square.

The world awaits the last block. Then, suddenly, the network grinds to a halt.

You receive a holocat from someone using the name Satoshi Nakamoto. (It’s like any other e-hologram, but this one is shaped like a cat). You open the holocat by booping its nose curious to hear what it has to say...

Built with fun

Saving Satoshi is a light-hearted first point of contact for coders who are curious about Bitcoin development. Saving Satoshi has a mix of technical text and code-based challenges, but the challenges should be doable for anyone with basic coding skills. The project is free and open source (FOSS) and all the art has been generated using text-to-image tools like Midjourney.

This project is in continuous development and takes an iterative approach to incorporate feedback as we release new chapters. There are currently ten chapters mapped out. However more may be added as the project continues to grow.

How to contribute

We’re an open-source project, so all doors are open for you to help shape it.


A great way to contribute is to go through Chapter 1 and give us any feedback on the overall experience you might have using this form.


All suggestions are welcome, including content changes, game mechanics – really anything. We are also always looking for help reviewing and QA-ing code changes. For code improvements, you can directly open an issue or submit a pull request on GitHub.

If you want to get involved with design, story, or anything else, join us in the #saving-satoshi channel in the Bitcoin Design slack. Mention how you’d like to contribute and we’ll help point you in the right direction.


Now be quick, Satoshi needs you.


An open-source production by the bitcoin community.

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